A Case of Bent Spine

A dead king,  known to have ruled briefly,  reportedly killed in battle,  humiliated after death by having a sword stuck in his posterior, unceremoniously buried,  rather thrown in a pit – place of burial unknown.   A case for the jobless detective,  to hunt for a man so far back in history.    With his genetic deformity he probably had trouble getting on a horse and wielding his sword.  Was he left-handed,  right-handed or ambidextrous?    If poor Richard III had known he was going to be immortalized he would probably have gone in for corrective surgery.    At least put up a good show after death,  if not in this life.

Curiously,   sometime back a person was buried at sea.   He led a remarkable life.    A sort of heroic figure,   popular with a few and unpopular with many.    Caught unawares,   hopelessly outnumbered and killed in battle.    Why wasn’t he interred unceremoniously like Richard III?    Probably because the battle was fought in his home,   his back was straight,   was tall,   bearded had three wives and many children.

Bent backs are no more great feature.   They abound in plenty.    Their spines are barometrically oriented and can sense which way the wind is blowing in the corridors and quickly align to the right or left accordingly.   They could be immortalized like Richard III,   but Shakespeare is not around to do it.