Crowded political space

There was a time when there were not many options; a car meant either Ambassador or Fiat and so on with other things.  It all changed with reforms, now we are spoilt for  choice.  Political space is beginning to resemble a market place;  men and women of various ideological hues  bordering on idealism and utopia and the din, noise  and shrill voices trying to get their points across, similar to our roads where cattle, bicycle, honking cars and motorbikes vie for space.

Audience appears captivated by the demagogues, religious fanatics, preachers of free market economy,  self-appointed anti-corruption crusaders etc.  It is getting louder as the days pass.  TV serials seem to be out and TV journalists are in with a reach unimaginable two decades ago.  Roads, electricity and water is passe.  Now it is all about four C’s – corruption, crores and crony capitalism.

Corruption appears to have life breathed into it and has taken on a three-dimensional form, it is under the ground, on the ground and in the air.  Media pitches in with its expose’ and adding the word ‘gate’ to every sour looking deal.  At the Watergate,  wires got crossed and the right end went to the wrong ears and the game was up.  Back home  when papers get to the wrong hands the game begins.  Television journalists have created a new form of entertainment,  better than the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law kind;  rudely interrupted by commercials, which is called ‘a break’.   A great change from the song, dance and tear jerkers of Bollywood.  It is beginning to look like Tom and Jerry re-play without the usual ending.

From Adam, humanity has got it more times wrong than right – it was fruit then,  it is papers now.