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Ballerinas and Champagne

Thirty million Euros is a lot of money to spend in a span of two years on ballerinas and champagne as reported in a press report.  Costliest vintage champagne probably taken from a ship wreck should not be more than 1000 euros per bottle, and the ballerina(s) for those like a former prime minister need to add another few thousand euros. Clearly, thirty million is difficult to spend in two years, just on Ballerinas and Champagne.  Maybe, they forgot to add an Atlantic cruise and five star hotel stay at every pit stop or a charter flight to Antarctic with the ballerinas, champagne and waitresses in attendance.

During my recent visit to Delhi I asked a farmer about ballerina.  He mistook it for a ball and started giving me directions to the nearest sports shop where I could buy a foot ball.  Then he proceeded to ask me why I needed a ball.  Ballerina being such a hard word to understand, I refrained from asking about champagne.  I knew I would be directed to the nearest “wine and beer shop” where wine is rarely available.  Should I ask him about helicopter or chopper?  No, he would not understand surely. Maybe I should have asked something more close to his understanding like bijli, pani, sadak or makaan.

With elections close it would be interesting to watch, how ballerinas and champagne get converted to weapons of mass destruction to decimate the opposition.  It would require a team of ingenious engineers, scientists and rocket scientists of the calibre of Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison to convert the Champagne in the bottle to a nuclear weapon and get the Ballerinas to press the button to have a truly spectacular effect and win the war.  They should start calling for applications from the scientific community to prepare the blue print and make a prototype ready for demonstration in the deserts of Rajasthan.

When they do win the war, what will they do with the left over champagne?  Pop the cork and celebrate like in Formula I?  With little else to sell, they could probably market the Champagne  re-branded as “Ballerina Champagne”.


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